Our Advantages

At the Woodrow Wilson School, we teach undergraduate and graduate students how to approach today's policy challenges thoughtfully and analytically. Our distinctive multidisciplinary course of study strikes a balance between theory and practice.

The Advantages of a WWS Education

Real-life Experience

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom, for undergraduates and graduate students alike. So we enrich formal course work with almost-daily public lectures and informal talks with policymakers and advocates working on the important issues of the day. We send students all over the world to learn in the field — summer work for graduate students, public service internships for undergraduates, or field work to supplement formal studies for undergraduate and graduate work. The result: Students are able to learn about any given policy topic from various vantage points.

Our Faculty

Woodrow Wilson School faculty conduct innovative research; provide policymakers, nonprofit organizations and research centers with expert, nonpartisan policy analysis; and provide Woodrow Wilson undergraduate and graduate students with the analytical tools and in-depth knowledge needed to tackle important policy issues.

Eighty-five full-time faculty members teach at the School, almost all of whom have dual appointments with other departments. Approximately 45 visiting professors, lecturers and practitioners from the world of public and international affairs also teach at the School.

Career Services

Even with a strong academic record, students often need help securing employment after graduation. We provide career service help for both graduate students and undergraduates. Because we understand that careers don’t stop with the first job after graduation, career service support continues for alumni.

Investing in Our Students

Many schools take the approach that students should invest in their own educations. At the Woodrow Wilson School, we take a different view — that the School should invest in the students. We do this in different ways: