Dean Rouse
Nov 27, 2019
Graduate Admissions Office
Dean Rouse describes the Woodrow Wilson School community as very tight-knit and inclusive. She supports our admission efforts to bring together a group of students with a desire and passion to change the world. Watch the video to learn about how we approach public policy—through a disciplinary lens. After the video, check out some WWS faculty quotes, where you will notice our constant themes: a commitment to public service and a desire to change...
Oct 7, 2019
Graduate Admissions Office
If you look closely at the picture, that’s our Dean behind the podium, Cecilia Elena Rouse, kicking off the official dedication ceremony for Double Sights, an installation about the complex legacy of Woodrow Wilson, our namesake. The installation about Wilson’s complex legacy is one facet that emerged from the Wilson Legacy Review Committee, which looked at whether (and what) changes should be made in how the University recognized Wilson’s...
Oct 25, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
What’s unique about the Woodrow Wilson School’s approach to policy? Our distinctive multidisciplinary course of study strikes a balance between theory and practice. Eighty-five full-time faculty members teach at the School, almost all of whom have dual appointments with other departments. Approximately 45 visiting professors, lecturers and practitioners from the world of public and international affairs also teach at the School. Our faculty...