personal statement

Oct 18, 2018
Graduate Admissions Office
We ask for your personal statement to be approximately two to four pages in length - the prompt is reproduced below. This does not mean it must be four pages. If you can address what we ask in two or three pages, do it. There is no need to ramble on or regurgitate what is already stated simply to reach a personal statement length of four pages. Be brief. Be brilliant. Be yourself. (But in four pages or less!) “Your personal statement should...
Nov 20, 2014
WWS Admissions
How to Build Momentum in a Personal Statement The personal statement must “smell authentic” meaning that it could never be possible to confuse it with any other applicant. To be compelling, your story must be told with humility while also highlighting your strengths and leadership. Begin by telling your story of public service, your contributions to the public good and define your passion for specific policy issues and the ways in which you have...