Jul 15, 2019
Graduate Admissions Office
Building on an earlier blog post on Urban Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School, this blog post will focus on the second of our optional certificates, the Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy.  We have four fields of concentration in our two Master’s degrees—the two-year MPA for those individuals earlier in their professional careers, and the one-year MPP for mid-career policy professionals. All students must indicate their...
Nov 22, 2016
B. Rose Kelly
Facebook — which has been raked over the coals for allowing the dissemination of fake news stories about the 2016 election — is now taking a hard and careful look at what role it may have played among American voters. Some say the election results illustrate a social media “echo chamber,” in which users gather news and information primarily from friends with shared interests. What are the effects of these echo chambers and silos? Are there ways...