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The Annual WWS-LSE Conference on Economic Recovery in the US and Europe

Apr 9, 2013
WWS and LSE students

A group picture of the WWS and LSE students who participated in the conference.

Written by Cheryl Cooper

As the United States and Europe continue to recover from the 2008-2009 financial crisis, many pressing policy questions have yet to be decided: Is austerity in Europe achieving its goals? What is the future of global financial regulation? What role should government institutions play in the recovery? These and many more issues must be addressed with concrete action by policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic in the near future.

Paul Krugman and Cheryl Cooper

From Thursday, March 28th to Saturday, March 30th, the Woodrow Wilson School hosted nine visiting students from the London School of Economics (LSE) for a conference on “Economic Recovery in the US and Europe.”  WWS and LSE students came together for three days of lectures, debates, and round-table discussions focused on U.S. and European economic recovery.  Highlights included lectures from Paul Krugman, Dean Rouse, and other Princeton economics professors, a Thursday night dinner at Prospect House, and a free trip to a comedy club in Philadelphia on Friday evening.  I had a ton of fun getting to know our peers across the Atlantic and having the opportunity to discuss current economic policy issues with students and faculty members over the course of the weekend!

Last year was the first annual student conference on economic policymaking with the London School of Economics.  Ten WWS students (including myself!) traveled to London on Princeton’s dime to attend.  After a successful conference on economic policymaking this year, we are looking forward to traveling to London again next year to continue this annual tradition!