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Application Pro Tip - Reapplication

Nov 8, 2018
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Graduate Admissions Office

We welcome reapplications to the Woodrow Wilson School. We want people in our cohorts who want to be in our cohorts, and certainly one way of demonstrating this interest in our School is to reapply. If you have applied before, and should you choose to reapply to the Woodrow Wilson School, please consider the following:

- Do not send the exact same application! This is the surest way to ensure the same result. While it may be appropriate to re-use portions of your prior application, it would be unwise to submit identical materials in all sections expecting a different result.

- Provided you are applying within two years of your previous application, we will have your information on-file, including notes from our Admission Committees. Therefore, please use the opportunity to update us. Tell us how you have changed. What is new since your last application? Why are you a stronger candidate now than in your prior application? Even if you are in the same job, it will be helpful to learn what projects or initiatives you have undertaken since you last applied; we will look for the impact you have made in the intervening time. 

- Please write a new personal statement.

- We would like at least one new letter of recommendation. 

To be certain, we have had numerous successful students come through our degree programs as re-applicants. To be sure, they all submitted updated applications and demonstrated additional measurable impact. 

Please do not be discouraged. We have far more qualified applicants than spaces available. But if you are convinced the Woodrow Wilson School is the right place for your graduate studies, take stock of your personal and professional experience. Do you need additional work experience? Have you made an impact in your area(s) of expertise? Is your commitment to public service clear (and sincere)? Do you need to brush up on your quantitative skills? Can you demonstrate leadership? Was your personal statement clear in terms of your career trajectory? How does the Woodrow Wilson School fit with your goals - can we help you achieve them? These questions are not exhaustive, but they should serve as a starting point for those considering a reapplication.

To repeat: if you have applied to the WWS before and are planning to resubmit an application, DO NOT send us the same application - verbatim! 

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