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Dec 4, 2014
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Melissa Lyles


Today I witnessed one of the most moving moments at Princeton University since I started working here 11 years ago. Students, faculty and staff at the University were encouraged to participate in a “Walk-Out & Die-In” to show solidarity with the people of Ferguson and others in demanding an end to racialized state violence. One of the goals of the protest was to dismantle systemic injustices against marginalized people of color. They challenged the campus to stand in the nation’s service and fight for justice by rejecting the culture of apathy and reviving Princeton’s tradition of protest. 

As an administrator of color, it was very inspiring to see Princeton University students come together to support one another and to make a stance on this issue. It made me feel very proud to stand among the students and some of my colleagues to witness the unity of students standing up for the lives and the dignity of the young people of color whose lives were cut short and will never have the opportunity to step foot on a college campus.   

The mission of the protest was to “interrupt the daily routine of Princetonians to symbolize the constant interruption racism plays in the lives of people of color.”

Through the protest, participants aimed to:

 1. Expose the Princeton community to the reality of racialized police brutality and increased militarization

2. Bring attention to the number of black lives lost to violence, especially in police interactions

Through these photos, you can see the overwhelming show of support and unity of our Princetonians and fellow Woo's.



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