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Math Camp Kick-off 2019

Aug 20, 2019
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Graduate Admissions Office

The MPA and PhD students have arrived, joining our mid-career MPP students who have been here for a few weeks. We held our welcome lunch yesterday, in Friend Center, one of our temporary digs, while Robertson Hall is reimagined and renovated.

Robertson Hall is home to the Woodrow Wilson School. It was built in 1965, with a gift from Charles Robertson ’26, and Marie Robertson, and was designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki, who many know for having designed Manhattan's original World Trade Center. The newly redesigned space will provide a collaborative environment - respecting the unique architectural heritage while meeting the current needs of our faculty, staff and students.

From the admissions office standpoint, it is always fun to welcome the new students to the campus. We work hard all year, traveling, reading files, replying to emails, and the like; it’s always great to put a face with the story, or reconnect with those we met on the road. (Yes, we do remember you!)

We’re thrilled to begin another academic year. 

The entering class is among our most diverse and qualified - by any number of metrics. Which jives well with our more intentional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. This DEI-focus has come through in a number of ways, but some top-line highlights include the establishment of a standing committee to oversee the School’s efforts and numerous workshops and trainings. (13 workshops were offered last year!)

We are always humbled by the large interest in our graduate degree programs. Please continue to watch this space, as we update the blog with application tips, information about our academic fields of concentration, and student stories and advice - from current students and recent graduates alike.

We hope you are enjoying your summer. Take care.



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