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Princeton Profiles: Yusuf Dahl MPA '17, from Prison to Princeton

Aug 15, 2017
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Office of Communications
At age 18, Yusuf Dahl MPA '17 wasn’t heading off to college. He was on his way to prison.
Even on the day of his sentencing, though, Dahl was thinking ahead to how he could use his time in prison to prepare for a successful life on the outside. Eventually, he built a career and became involved in addressing the foreclosure crisis in his Milwaukee neighborhood.
Dahl’s experiences spurred him to come to Princeton to learn more about how to have a broader impact. Today, he is a graduate of the Master in Public Affairs program at the Woodrow Wilson School. In this video, he discusses his unconventional path to Princeton, how he found success here and his dreams for the future. Video here.


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