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Queer Quizzo!

Apr 2, 2013
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Photos of pop culture faces

Can you name these faces from queer history and pop culture in under 2 minutes?

Last Thursday, the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and the Queer Graduate Caucus hosted a night of “Queer Quizzo” at the Woo-filled Campus Club. Modeled after a style of pub trivia that originated in Philadelphia, QGC’s twist on Quizzo was a fun and educational way for grad students to explore the themes of gender and sexuality. Organized by MPA2 Cara Stepanczuk and hosted by MPA1s Jon Hayes and Matthew Soursourian, Woos made up the majority of participants but all lost to a team of Princeton graduate students from other schools.  See how well you would do with the sample quiz below! Correct answers are located at the bottom.

  • The Stonewall Inn is located in which city?
  • Before the term “AIDS” was coined in 1982, the disease was called this.
  • During the Holocaust, what symbol were gays forced to wear on their clothes?
  • On whose TV show did Ellen DeGeneres come out publicly as a lesbian in 1997?
  • In what year did the Supreme Court strike down sodomy laws of the last 14 U.S. states to have them?
  • What town has the highest per capita population of same-sex couples?
  • What is the first year that the U.S. Census Bureau began to collect and report data on same-sex couples?
  • This country elected an openly gay woman to be prime minister in 2009.
  • What does the acronym PFLAG stand for?

A packed Campus Club

Matthew Soursourian and Jon Hayes


Cara Stepanczuk and Amy Winter

Team Soy Milk Marriage


  • NYC
  • Gay Related Immune Disorder (GRID)
  • A pink triangle
  • Oprah Winfrey’s
  • 2003
  • Provincetown, MA
  • 2010
  • Iceland
  • Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays