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A Take on Queer Princeton

Feb 5, 2014
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Larry Handerhan, MPA '12
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“What is the queer community like at Princeton?”

It’s one of the most frequent inquires I receive when I tell people I went to the Woodrow Wilson School. And questioners are often surprised when I reply that Princeton is consistently ranked among the Top Universities for LGBT Students by Campus Pride.

Princeton takes its LGBT community very seriously. In recent years, reinvestment from the community has made the University a well-resourced and dynamic place to be a queer graduate student.

Princeton may never match the social offerings or dating pool of a large city, but evidence of a diverse and robust queer community can be seen in all corners of campus. From well-funded programming to a dramatic increase in “out” students to the high profile 2013 “Every Voice” LGBT Conference, Princeton is not the homogenous community it once was.

The Princeton LGBT Center is a key factor in the growth of the queer community. Established in 2005, The Center works to create a safe and supportive academic environment through educational opportunities and advocating for the needs and concerns of LGBT students.

On a personal note, Princeton’s queer community enhanced my grad school experience immensely. LGBT organizing was a vehicle to connect with the larger University community – from other graduate students, to staff, to undergrads. In some cases I served as a mentor, in other cases as a mentee. Those relationships are some of the most lasting and meaningful from my time at WWS.

So make the plunge because the queer waters are fine and we could always use more swimmers. With a network that includes an Oscar-nominated film producer, an Ambassador and a sitting Congressman, you’ll be in good company!


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