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What Happens Next?

Dec 20, 2013
Published by:
WWS Admissions Director

If I were in your shoes, what happens next would be on my mind every day. Aside from thinking about the applications you just submitted, you go about doing that thing called life. It is the same for me; only not everyone can say, most of the time, “I love my job!”

This is what I call “reading season.” I read your application and about 1,000 others for the next two months. After reading and thinking about each applicant, I draw a word portrait that is exactly like you - or actually my best guess. I suppose that’s the last thing you want to hear, but it is true. Why?

Each application is a small snapshot of you. You write a policy memo, craft a personal statement, condense your experiences into a resume, ask people for recommendations, submit test scores and send a transcript. That’s a small fraction of who you are. Stay tuned to learn more about the “reading season” and how we do it!


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