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Why Blog?

Dec 13, 2013
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WWS Admissions Director

My immediate reaction to blogging was, “Don’t see no need for it,” which translates to, “I got along just fine without it.” Most days, I feel that way about texting, emails, iPods, smart phones (what genius came up with that marketing), the Internet, fax machines and almost any electronic device short of a record player. So, I am of that adage, “I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands.” But Skype – I like that.

So why should we blog?

Simply, to build your interest in the Woodrow Wilson School, also known as WWS (the acronym) or, “The Woo” – the affectionate term used by our students and alumni. So we blog, tweet and create jazzy web sites to capture your interest and tell our stories. Admission is all about telling stories; the number of followers defines our “blog success,” so please subscribe.

Why should we not blog?

Conformity. The information or “noise” is all the same. We know forms of communication need to change. In fact, the Mobile App is already here.

We hope you subscribe to the blog and comment on it or ask questions. We will do our best to respond in future postings. I prefer to present “snapshots” of our process and of us. You will hear from a variety of voices – my colleagues, current students and alumni. We will tell stories; you will listen, read along, ask questions and offer advice. We hope it will be enjoyable.


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