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The Woodrow Wilson School Invests in its Students

Jul 20, 2018
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Steven Petric MPP '17

The Graduate Admissions Office participated in New York City and Washington, D.C. events on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you to all who came out; we enjoyed meeting you! Additional many thanks to MPA graduates Liv Dowling and Evan LeFlore for speaking on the alumni panels about their work at the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve Bank, respectively.

Liv focuses her work on international relations in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy, while Evan centers on domestic policy issues at the New York Fed. Indeed the range of what one can explore at the WWS is wide - we have four fields of concentration - Field I (International Relations), Field II (International Development), Field III (Domestic Policy) and Field IV (Economics and Public Policy). With each graduating class, our alumni join the ranks of organizations working to solve some of the most pressing public policy issues of our time - across all fields.

In different cities and on different nights coming from different fields of focus, two things shone through: Wilson School alumni are proud and Wilson School alumni recognize the investment that the School made in them.

Evan spoke about how his time at the WWS allowed him to see the world in a way he would not have but for being at the WWS. He completed his required summer internship between his MPA1 and MPA2 years in Tanzania and traveled to Turkey to work with the Ministry of Finance for his Policy Workshop. Evan emphasized how the wider WWS community facilitated learning opportunities that broadened his worldview.

Liv likewise offered powerful remarks speaking deftly about how the WWS values diversity, including students of color and LGBTQ individuals and their allies. Liv highlighted our very generous financial aid policy as a value-add and differentiating feature in that all our students receive 100% tuition support. Most students also receive a generous living stipend.

Other schools ask you to invest in your education. At the Wilson School, we invest in you. Our generous financial aid packages allow students to enter public service upon graduation without being encumbered by debt.

If you are thinking about graduate school and focus professionally on the public sphere, we hope you will consider us. Many thanks to Sonya Smith (pictured with Liv) and Angie Ratliff for representing the admissions team in Washington, D.C. and NYC, respectively.



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