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Aug 4, 2015
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Public Affairs
The Woodrow Wilson School is home to centers and programs organized around a range of policy-relevant issues. They focus research efforts, host seminars, and bring to campus distinguished scholars and practitioners throughout the academic year.
Recently, an anonymous donation was made to create the Daniel Kahneman and Anne Treisman Center for Behavioral Science and Public Policy at Princeton, enabling the University to strengthen its leading role in this emerging field and improve the development of effective policymaking.
During the past 15 years, the Wilson School has developed an array of research and teaching initiatives in the area of behavioral applications to policy involving faculty members from the departments of psychology and economics, as well as sociology, politics and other disciplines.
The center will build on the research that earned Kahneman, currently a senior scholar in the Wilson School, the Nobel Prize in economic sciences in 2002. The work integrated insights from psychological research into economics, particularly concerning decision making under uncertainty.
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