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Politics & Polls #10: Race & Party Politics

Sep 8, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
In one of the most powerful transformations in the history of American politics, African Americans shifted loyalties to the Democratic Party while Republicans became the party of racial conservatism.   How and why did this happen? Did certain moments in history cause this bipartisan ‘racial realignment?’ How has this realignment led to the political polarization of 2016?   In episode 10 of Politics & Polls, professors Julian Zelizer and Sam...

Chatterjee Appointed to Lead UN in Kenya

Sep 8, 2016
Published by: Sarah M. Binder
Siddharth (Sid) Chatterjee, MPP ’11 has been appointed United Nations Resident Coordinator in Kenya, where he will help to lead and coordinate 25 UN agencies based in the country. He will also serve as the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme. Prior to this appointment, Sid served as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Representative in Kenya. At UNFPA, Sid and his team spearheaded efforts to reduce the...

We Are Now Accepting Applications to the 2017 Junior Summer Institute

Sep 7, 2016
The application for the 2017 Public Policy & International Affairs Junior Summer Institute is now open.  Please spread the word!  The PPIA Junior Summer Institute program prepares undergraduates to be competitive  candidates for top degree programs in the fields of public policy, public administration or international affairs through participation in a Junior Summer Institute (JSI).  Learn More! PPIA is now accepting applications to the 2017...
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Politics & Polls #9: Top Three Campaign Moments

Aug 29, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
Game-changing events often occur during presidential campaigns. These moments — which can transform party dynamics, voters and even the candidates themselves — oftentimes influence the outcome of the election.  But what about the 2016 presidential campaign? Have we seen moments like these? And, if we have, are they even worth looking back upon?  In episode nine of “Politics & Polls,” professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang close out the...

Politics & Polls #8: All About Polls

Aug 25, 2016
Published by: Public Affairs
From straw polls of the 19th century to modern polling of today, polls have played a significant role in the American political landscape. But what is a poll? With dozens of new polls coming out every week, how can we make sense of the data onslaught? Is there a way to reduce the confusion? And what role can polls play in 2016, an election year fraught with drama and uncertainty? In episode eight of “Politics & Polls,” professors Julian...

Community and Civic Engagement Internships Provide Opportunity to Explore Careers in Service

Aug 24, 2016
This summer, more than 160 Princeton undergraduate students are spending their breaks interning at public service and nonprofit organizations in over 30 cities in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Ireland and France as part of the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) program. They include Wilson School student Imani Williams, who is interested in global health. Williams is interning at a children's hospital in France and getting an...

Neilson Ushers Peruvian Education Policy Laboratory

Aug 18, 2016
Professor Christopher Neilson is passionate about ensuring that government policy — in particular education policy — is founded on theory and measurement. He aspires to upend the typical formula where policymakers develop, implement and program, and then outside academics evaluate progress. Rather, he wants to make sure development and implementation go hand in hand with evaluation.  This is the concept behind his latest project: the Peruvian ...

A Princeton Moment in Peru: Alumni Take Up Top Government Posts

Aug 17, 2016
It was a Princeton moment more than 3,600 miles from FitzRandolph Gate: two Princetonians standing together outside the presidential palace in Lima, Peru, on July 28, wearing business suits adorned with sashes in the red and white of their nation's flag. One was Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the nation's newly elected president, who earned a Master in Public Affairs degree in 1961 from the University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International...

Politics & Polls #7: The Coattail Effect, Gerrymandering & Third-Party Candidates

Aug 11, 2016
Donald Trump has focused on easing tensions with the Republican Party this week by endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator John McCain and Senator Susan Collins. But while these endorsements are intended to unify the ticket, it's not clear whether these Republican candidates actually want Trump's endorsement, as evidenced by Collins's refusal to support Trump. If disaffected Republicans like Collins stay home, this could spell trouble for...

Barton, Lunney Named Co-Directors of SINSI

Aug 8, 2016
Published by: B. Rose Kelly
Frederick (Rick) Barton and Kathryn R. (Kit) Lunney have been named co-directors of the Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative (SINSI) at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Established in 2006, SINSI is designed to encourage, support and prepare the nation’s top students to pursue careers in the U.S. government, both in international and domestic agencies, through academic training that is...