MPP Brings Unique Perspective to His Studies

Dec 30, 2013
Published by: Eric Wilkens
Of the 20 students in this year’s Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) program at the Woodrow Wilson School, only one spent the past year studying at a Cameroonian war college. Maj. Kevin Toth was the only American among 42 officers from 23 countries to study military strategy, policy, and international cooperation from an African point of view.  “As an African specialist, my primary concern is getting their perspectives on how they fight wars,...
Seth Smith at Desk

The Cryptologist, the Kidney Donor and the Veteran

Dec 23, 2013
Published by: Eric Wilkens
Seth Smith, MPA II in the Woodrow Wilson School, recalls watching Operation Desert Storm on television as a child. “It was the first time war was displayed on TV. From that point on, international affairs interested me. My intellectual curiosity laid in the world around me, and how countries interacted with each other,” he says. So began a life of public service, including six years in the U.S. Navy, four of which were served in the Middle East...

What Happens Next?

Dec 20, 2013
If I were in your shoes, what happens next would be on my mind every day. Aside from thinking about the applications you just submitted, you go about doing that thing called life. It is the same for me; only not everyone can say, most of the time, “I love my job!” This is what I call “reading season.” I read your application and about 1,000 others for the next two months. After reading and thinking about each applicant, I draw a word portrait...

Why Blog?

Dec 13, 2013
My immediate reaction to blogging was, “Don’t see no need for it,” which translates to, “I got along just fine without it.” Most days, I feel that way about texting, emails, iPods, smart phones (what genius came up with that marketing), the Internet, fax machines and almost any electronic device short of a record player. So, I am of that adage, “I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands.” But Skype – I like that. So why should we blog?...