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Contact information for WWS Graduate Alumni is now housed exclusively in Princeton's TigerNet Alumni Directory. The site allows Woos to access up-to-the-minute information for any alumna/us. 

WWS Graduate Alumni 
Login to TigerNet to view the most current information about your classmates and other Woo Alumni. Remember to update your own contact and career information when you change jobs or move to a new location. New users will need to register for a NetID and password to access the system.

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WWS Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students
Login to view graduate alumni contact information using your Princeton NetID and password

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Follow the steps outlined below to identify WWS Graduate Alumni

  1. Select the Alumni Directory feature after logging in to TigerNet
  2. Select 'Graduate Alumnus' for the Primary Constituency
  3. Select 'Woodrow Wilson School' for the Department
  4. Use the any of the other search features to narrow down the list of alumni by degree, industry, location, or employer name 

NOTE: If you conduct a search on the degree type, be sure to look through the entire menu as there are many variations of the MPP, MPA, and Ph.D. degrees listed.

If you have any questions about the WWS Graduate Alumni Directory, please contact Amy Craven at acraven@princeton.edu or at (609) 258-4812.