Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email
Mummolo, Jonathan Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs 211 Fisher Hall 609-258-6278
Murray, Susan Office Assistant, Facilities and Operations 003.2 Robertson Hall 609-258-2101
Neilson, Christopher Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs 253A Louis Simpson 609-258-6957
Nelson, Timothy Lecturer of Public Affairs 181 Wallace Hall 609-258-3623
Newton, Julie A. Faculty Assistant 423B.1 Robertson Hall 609-258-4911
Ng, Judy H. Visiting Research Collaborator 210 Robertson Hall
Nordenson, Guy Professor of Architecture Robertson Hall
Nuka, Pallavi Associate Director, Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance (JRCPPF) 216 JR Rabinowitz 609-258-5258
O'Brian, Neil CSDP Fellow 233 Corwin Hall
Ofer, Udi Visiting Lecturer of Public and International Affairs Robertson Hall
Oppenheimer, Michael Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs; Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs; Director, Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment (C-PREE) 313 Robertson Hall 609-258-2338
Ortoleva, Pietro Professor of Economics and Public Affairs 392A JR Rabinowitz 609-986-6895
Paluck, Elizabeth Levy Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs; Deputy Director, Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science & Public Policy 432 Robertson Hall 609-258-9730
Pandit, Sonia Program Manager, State Health and Value Strategies (SHVS) 174.1 JR Rabinowitz 609-258-5205
Parker, Nealin Professional Specialist, Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) 013 Bendheim Hall 609-258-1278
Paul-Emile, Kimani 2020-2021 LAPA Fellow 316 Wallace Hall
Payson, Julia CSDP Fellow 225 Corwin Hall
Perlman, Rebecca Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs 445 Robertson Hall 609-258-8661
Peters, Charles Archival Assistant, Career Development & Alumni Relations 2-C-4 Green Hall 609-258-4790
Petric, Steven Director of Graduate Admissions 108 Robertson Hall 609-258-5669
Pino Betancourt, Debra Program Manager & Grants Administrator, Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) 186B JR Rabinowitz 609-258-6932
Pispecky, Robin Grants Manager, Office of Population Research (OPR) 204 Wallace Hall 609-258-7996
Pizzo, Anthony Operations Technical Assistant, Facilities and Operations 003.5 Robertson Hall 609-258-4850
Pontani, Susan L. Senior Technical Support/Help Desk Specialist, Office of Computing Services 003G Robertson Hall 609-258-7917
Pop-Eleches, Grigore Professor of Politics and International Affairs 405 Robertson Hall 609-258-8356