Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email
Turco, Nancy Program Coordinator, Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance (JRCPPF) 216.1 JR Rabinowitz 609-258-7051
Varone, Helen Financial Coordinator, Survey Research Center 169 Nassau Street 609-258-5660
Veith, Daniel Web Developer/Systems Admin Electrical Engineering & Princeton Survey Research Center B204 E-Quad
Vertin, J. Zach Lecturer of Public and International Affairs
Vilan, Andrea Postdoctoral Research Associate 1-S-6c Green Hall
von Hippel, Frank N. Senior Research Physicist and Professor of Public and International Affairs, Emeritus 209 221 Nassau Street 609-258-4695
Vreeland, James Raymond Professor of Politics and International Affairs 2-N-5 Green Hall 609-258-0177
Waggoner, Miranda Postdoctoral Research Fellow (OPR) 228 Wallace Hall 609-258-5514
Wailoo, Keith A. Henry Putnam University Professor of History and Public Affairs 216 Dickinson Hall 609-258-4960
Wallace, Jonathan Managing Editor, Future of Children, Bendheim-Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing (CRCW) 281 Wallace Hall 609-258-0340
Wang, Eva Senior Research Specialist 120 JR Rabinowitz
Wang, Jimmy W. Linux Systems Administrator/Senior Technical Support Specialist, Office of Computing Services 0-N-17 Green Hall 609-258-2782
Wantchekon, Leonard Professor of Politics and International Affairs 321 Bendheim Hall 609-258-6723
Waterbury, John William Stewart Tod professor of Politics and International Affairs, Emeritus Offsite
Watson, Mark W. Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder Beck Professor of Economics and Public Affairs 194 JR Rabinowitz 609-258-4811
Weber, Stacey Financial Manager 3-S-23 Green Hall 609-258-0928
Weber, Elke U. Professor of Psychology & Public Affairs; Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy & the Environment; Certificate Director, Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) Academic Program 216 Andlinger Center 646-896-9410
Weist, Renee L. Faculty Assistant 3-S-2 Green Hall 609-258-4856
Weyerbrock, Silvia Lecturer of Economics 227 JR Rabinowitz 609-258-0178
White, Ismail Professor of Politics and Public Affairs 212 Fisher Hall
White, Lynn T. Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Emeritus; Senior Scholar Off Site
Widner, Jennifer A. Professor of Politics and International Affairs; Director, Innovations for Successful Societies 219 Bendheim Hall 609-258-1858
Wiedemann, Andreas Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs 243 Corwin Hall 609-258-9934
Wilcove, David S. Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs 3-C-10 Green Hall 609-258-7118
Willig, Robert D. Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Emeritus Off Site