Visiting Associate Research Scholar, Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance (NCGG)

2-N-3 Green Hall


Xun Pang is a visiting associate research scholar at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance. Prof. Pang is Y. Yangtze Professor of International Relations at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) and founding director of the Tsinghua International Relations Data and Computing Lab. Currently, she serves as the vice dean of the Institute for International Relations at Tsinghua University, and was co-director of the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy from 2013 to 2015. She writes and teaches on quantitative political methodology, international political economy, and US-China relations. She received her doctoral degree from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2010. Before joining Tsinghua, Pang taught in the department of politics at Princeton University from 2010 to 2012.