Lecture Series

Scudder Plaza

During the fall semester, the JDP hosts a lecture series entitled “Dilemmas of Inequality.” These lively seminars draw broad participation from faculty and students in the JDP program as well as from the wider social science community. Lectures are in 300 Wallace Hall at 5:30 PM. Light refreshments are served.

FALL 2019

Assessing Household non-Response and Imputation Errors in the 2020 Census:
Measuring the Impact of a Required Citizenship Status Question

Matt Barreto, Political Science and Chicana/o Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

September 16

Affluence and Congruence: Unequal Representation Around the World
Noam Lupu '11, Political Science, Vanderbilt University
September 23

Trump and the Sociology Fix: Political Sense-Making across Everyday and Extraordinary Circumstance
Harvey Molotch, Social & Cultural Analysis and Sociology, New York University
September 30

Change Myths and Change Makers
Damon Centola, Communications, University of Pennsylvania
October 7

Illicit Research: Class Inequality and the Production of Cheating in Ugandan Universities
Margaret Frye, Sociology, University of Michigan
October 14

Inequality & Subjective Status: Why Economic Inequality is More than Economics
Keith Payne, Psychology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
November 4

How Can Democracies Facilitate the Integraqtion of Newcomers?
Building the Evidence and Innovation Agenda for Applied Migration Research

Jens Hainmueller, Political Science, Stanford University
November 18

The Urbanization of Rural America: Shifting Rural-Urban Boundaries and the Places Left Behind
Daniel Lichter, Policy Anal
ysis & Management and Sociology, Cornell University
November 25

What do Judea Pearl, Gary Becker, and John Roberts Have in Common? Some Reflections on the Ontology of Social Kinds, Why it Matters for Social Science and the Law
Issa Kohler-Hausmann, Law and Sociology, Yale Law School
December 9


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