Admiral Mike Mullen, USN (ret.), the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School, was the featured speaker as part of the Scholars in the Nation’s Service Initiative (SINSI) annual event on October 18, 2012. Mullen’s talk, “The World Today,” was also part of the School’s “Military Policy – At Home and Abroad” thematic lecture series. Admiral Mullen retired in 2011 after two two-year terms as the highest ranking U.S. military officer and senior military adviser to the president. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen was instrumental in integrating Special Operations forces into U.S. military activities, including presiding over the military’s role in targeting Osama bin Laden. He guided the U.S. Armed Forces through difficult phases in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and oversaw humanitarian operations from Haiti to Japan. He was also involved in key aspects of U.S. diplomacy, forging vital relationships with some of the most complex actors on the world stage, such as Russia, Pakistan, and China. Admiral Mullen’s dedication to the diversity and integrity of the U.S. Armed Forces informed his decision to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.