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Conference on Internet Censorship, Interference, and Control

Oct 9, 2015 09:00AM to 03:15PM
Friend Center
Auditorium 101 and Convocation Room


Open to the Public

What is the current state of internet accessibility, and what technologies and policies can help protect international security and human rights in this area? This conference will explore research by both computer scientists and political scientists into internet censorship, interference, and control. We will consider interdisciplinary perspectives on relevant contemporary questions: What is the state of the art in network measurement, and how can information about social and political conditions better inform future measurements? How should computer scientists measure and study offensive technologies, such as China’s denial of service attacks on Github, and what role should policy play in responding to these security threats? How extensive are national firewalls, internet surveillance, and filter bubbles, and how should citizens and governments respond?

Link to more information:  https://citp.princeton.edu/event/conference-on-internet-censorship-inter...