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CSDP Seminar: Welcome and Introductions

Sep 15, 2016 12:00PM to 01:20PM
Wallace Hall


Restricted to Princeton graduate students, faculty, and fellows

Including brief introductions by 2016-2017 CSDP fellows:

-Elliott Ash   Research focus:  empirical analysis of judge behavior and text mining of legal documents; PhD economics, Columbia University 2016; JD Columbia University School of Law 2010

-Peter Loewen  Research focus:  capacity of politicians to know their constituents’ preferences and to make decisions that correspond with minimal definitions of rationality; Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

-Chloé Bakalar   Research focus:  positive and negative effects of everyday talk on liberal democratic citizenship and political outcomes; 2015-17 Values and Public Policy Postdoctoral Research Associate, PhD University of Pennsylvania 2014