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LAPA Seminar with Kunal Parker, LAPA Fellow; University of Miami Law School, "Common Law Modernism: The Turn to Process in American Legal Thought, 1900-1970"

Feb 10, 2020 04:30PM to 06:00PM
Wallace Hall


Open to the Public
Kunal Parker, LAPA Fellow; University of Miami Law School

LAPA’s seminar format encourages attendees to familiarize themselves with the paper in advance. The author will open the session by summarizing the main themes in the paper and presenting some topics for discussion. Moderated Q&A follows.

Copies of the seminar paper are typically available about 10 days before the event, during regular business hours, at the LAPA Offices on the 3rd floor of Wallace Hall.

Kunal Parker is an American legal and intellectual historian as well as a historian of U.S. immigration and citizenship law. His books include Making Foreigners: Immigration and Citizenship Law in America, 1600 2000 (2015) and Common Law, History, and Democracy in America, 1790 1900: Legal Thought Before Modernism (2011). His scholarship has also examined such subjects as the interrelationship between American legal and historical thought and the history and theory of U.S. immigration and citizenship law. His teaching interests include Property Law, Constitutional Law, American Legal History, Race and Law, among other subjects.  Parker received his A.B. and J.D. from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in History from Princeton University. After law school, he spent two years at a major New York law firm working on corporate and securities matters and providing pro bono representation to political asylum applicants. At LAPA, he is working on his current book project, exploring the turn to ideas of process in mid-20th century American legal, political, and economic thought.

More information: Contact Judi Rivkin, jrivkin@princeton.edu

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