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Lunch-Timer with Bruce Jentleson - “Strategic Recalibration: Framework for a 21st Century National Security Strategy”

Apr 17, 2014 12:15AM to 01:15AM
Restricted to WWS students, faculty, and fellows
Bruce Jentleson, Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University

Bruce Jentleson is professor of public policy and political science at Duke University, where he previously served as director of the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy (now the Sanford School of Public Policy). He is a leading scholar of American foreign policy and has served in a number of U.S. policy and political positions. In 2014 he is on leave from Duke as a Distinguished Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, part of the Smithsonian Institution.

Jentleson has published numerous books including "American Foreign Policy: The Dynamics of Choice in the 21st Century" (5th edition, W.W. Norton, 2013); "The End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas," co-authored with Steven Weber (Harvard University Press, 2010); and "With Friends Like These: Reagan, Bush and Saddam, 1982-1990" (W.W. Norton, 1994). His current book (working title) is "Profiles in Statesmanship: Seeking a Better World". He also has published articles in numerous academic and policy journals, and written for leading online sites such as ForeignPolicy.com and Huffington Post.

From 2009 to 2011 he was senior advisor to the U.S. State Department Policy Planning Director. In 2012 he served on the Obama 2012 campaign National Security Advisory Steering Committee. He also served as a senior foreign policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore in his 2000 presidential campaign, in the Clinton administration State Department (1993-94), and as a foreign policy aide to Senators Gore (1987-88) and Dave Durenberger (1978-79). He also has served on a number of policy commissions, most recently the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Working Group co-chaired by Madeleine Albright (2011-13).