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Political Polarization: Media and Communication Influences

May 1, 2015 09:45AM to 05:00PM
Robertson Hall 029


By Invitation Only

Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP)

9:45-10:00am        Breakfast and coffee


10:00-10:15   Welcome


10:15-10:45   Milton Lodge – “Attitude Polarization as a Function of Motivated Reasoning”


10:45-11:15   Lilliana Mason – “Distinguishing the polarizing effects of ideology as identity, issue positions, and issue-based identity”

Discussant:  Martin Johnson


11:15-11:45   Martin Johnson – “How Mainstream News Media Can Polarize America, Too”

Discussant:  Lauren Feldman



11:45-1:00pm        Lunch


1:00-1:30        Yphtach Lelkes - “The Hostile Audience: The Effect of Access to Broadband Internet on Partisan Affect”

Discussant:  Gregory Martin


1:30-2:00        Gregory Martin - "Bias in Cable News: Real Effects and Polarization"

Discussant:  Pablo Barberá


2:00-2:30        Matt Levendusky - “No Need to Watch: How the Polarizing Effects of Partisan Media Spread via Social Networks”

Discussant:  Marc Hetherington



2:30-3:00    Break


3:00-3:30        Marc Hetherington – “The Polarization of Political Trust”

Discussant:  Yphtach Lelkes


3:30-4:00        Lauren Feldman – “Using political efficacy messages to communicate about climate change: Implications for the ideological divide”

Discussant:  Lilliana Mason


4:00-4:30        Pablo Barberá - “How Social Media Reduces Mass Political Polarization”

Discussant:  Matt Levendusky


4:30-5:00        Markus Prior - Closing remarks and discussion of future research