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Web Privacy and Transparency Conference

Oct 24, 2014 09:00AM to 05:00PM
Friend Center Convocation Room


Open to the Public
Keynote: Julia Angwin, Journalist and Author

Center for Information Technology Policy

Everything we do on the web is tracked and profiled. What types of data are companies collecting? Who are they trading it with? And how is this data used for personalizing our online experience and treating different users differently? What are the algorithms used for targeting ads, as well as prices, news recommendations, and so forth? A quickly emerging area of computer science research aims to bring transparency to privacy-impacting practices on the web via empirical measurement. This conference will discuss the state of the art in this field and the research agenda for the next few years as well as questions of policy — how should laws utilize the results of measurement, and what new laws do these studies suggest? Can self-regulation be effective, and how can web services work together with transparency researchers to foster a healthy public dialog?