Beyond the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

The Woodrow Wilson School is a community of faculty, students and administrators focused on the promotion of public policy analysis and the encouragement of careers in public service.

Outside of the classroom, our students have many opportunities. Students:

  • Are elected by their peers to serve on the WWS Student Advisory Committee that provides feedback to the administration and helps shape the policies of the school on a variety of curriculum-related matters such as possible overseas task force locations.
  • Organize various student academic and social activities.
  • Participate in a Peer Advising Program that assigns seniors to mentor juniors and provides them with a peer’s perspective on academic matters.
  • Participate in the WWS Graduate/Undergraduate Mentoring Program, which enables students to network based on their policy areas of interest.
  • Participate in summer internships.
  • Attend public affairs talks and forums.

In the words of WWS students:

“The people around you are passionate about making a change, but everyone brings something different to the table in terms of experience, approaches, and methods. It's a great community to learn and grow in.”

“The Community at the Woodrow Wilson School is tightly knit and incredibly diverse, with experts and students of all fields engaged in dynamic policy discussions.”