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2017 Application Countdown, Part 3 - The GRE Deadline

Dec 5, 2016

GRE Scores and the Dec. 15 Deadline

WWS is flexible on the receipt of GRE scores for applicants who either retake the GRE or could not schedule the test before the Dec. 15 deadline. During the past 20 years, GRE testing has moved from paper- to computer-based administration, but not in all countries. The one constant is that it is difficult to control all of the externalities that affect taking the GRE, including:

  • unforeseen professional travel or work assignments;
  • family or individual illnesses;
  • safety in conflict or post-conflict regions; or
  • test anxiety.

Do your best to take the GRE before the Dec. 15 deadline, as that allows us to process applications for the full committee to read in early January. GRE exams taken after the deadline (but before the end of December) can still be amended to your application for review. That said, we start reading applications in early January, so it is helpful to have a high number of applicants who have taken the GRE by the Dec. 15 deadline.

To view the average GRE scores of admitted applicants, take a look at our viewbook.



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