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Fall 2018 application sneak peek

Jul 10, 2018
Published by:
Steven Petric MPP '17

Greetings from hot and humid central New Jersey.

For those wishing to get a jump start on their fall 2018 application to the WWS, I am pleased to write with an update. Beyond the other application requirements, we want to get to know our applicants on a more personal and individual basis. As such, we will ask all applicants to our three graduate degree programs - MPA, MPP, PhD - to answer the following *new* question in approximately 200 to 300 words.

"We all come from somewhere and it shapes us - both in who we become and what we value. Tell us your story and what shaped you."

Our application will go live in September. Our application review process begins shortly thereafter and is both robust and holistic. Each file is read in its entirety by an admission committee. Be yourself. Be honest. Tell us who you are.

If you choose to apply, we look forward to reading your story. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable remainder of the summer.



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