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A closer look at ageism

Jun, 2013

Researchers say stereotypes of what older people should be, known as prescriptive stereotypes, center on three key issues.

  • Consumption: The idea that older people shouldn't consume so many scarce resources.
  • Identity: The idea that older people shouldn't attempt to act younger than they are.
  • Succession: The idea that older people should move aside from high-paying jobs and prominent social roles to make way for younger people.


Ageism infographic

Illustration by Matilda Luk
Princeton University, Office of Communications

Ageism North
Apr 19, 2013
By by Michael Hotchkiss, Office of Communications
Princeton University

Michael North, a fifth-year graduate student in psychology at Princeton University, knew he was lucky to land a summer research position at the University of Michigan after he finished his bachelor's degree there in 2006. His task: Sit in a lab for two hours at a time...