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Communications Manager & Senior Writer

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Studio for a Faculty Interview (members of press only) 

To arrange TV or radio interviews, reporters must contact Princeton's Broadcast Center:

The Broadcast Center 

For TV Interviews: Once the Broadcast Center is reserved, reporters must then call Videolink to set up a remote camera connection:


Directions to the Broadcast Center

Our studio is located on the "A" Level of the Lewis Science Library building on the corner of Washington Road and Ivy Lane.

Come in the Washington Road and Ivy Lane main entrance to the Library. To your left is the elevator. Take it to Level "A". Upon exiting, you will see the studio a few yards ahead of you on the right. There is a phone next to the studio entrance with a number to call for admission.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview.

Film, Video and Photography at WWS

The Woodrow Wilson School is a private institution and some of its facilities and events may not be open to the public. Therefore, all film, video and photography permissions must be secured in advance of all events by contacting B. Rose Kelly, communications manager, at or 609-258-0157.

Please note:

  • News organizations must respect the rights of students and others at the Wilson School to decline to be interviewed or photographed.
  • Members of the media may not capture photographic or video images or audio of Wilson School speakers/panelists unless they have signed a release form obtained only by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.
  • We ask that media members do not approach speakers directly for this information.
  • Some Wilson School events are for members of the campus community only. Print journalists may attend events designated as open to the public or open to the press, while separate broadcast permissions will have to be secured in advance for other media (see below). Registration may be required for large events. 
  • For events involving security measures, reporters who have not registered in advance will not be permitted entry.
  • Reporters and photographers must remain seated at events unless granted permission by the media relations staff or event organizers.

For broadcast journalists filming in Arthur Lewis Auditorium:

Arthur Lewis Auditorium is a classroom. It is a confined space with strict fire code regulations. Therefore, all media members must comply with the following rules:

  • Video and still photography camera men and women are not permitted to roam. 
  • We allow one seat per person. You cannot have an additional seat for your camera.
  • We have a mult box for your use. We can run one feed to your cameras. 
  • Power is limited, so please bring extra batteries. 
  • If possible, show up early to events to set up. We recommend being there at least 15 minutes prior to an event.

For more general information about film, video and photography on the Princeton campus at large, read the general guidelines here. Several buildings are off limits in terms of filming. You can find that list here

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    Communications Manager & Senior Writer

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    Train Travel to Princeton

    Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT operate trains along the Northeast Corridor rail line that stop at Princeton Junction. Travelers can then transfer to a single-car train operated by NJ TRANSIT, known locally as the "Dinky," for the five-minute ride to Princeton Station. The station is located on Alexander Street at the southern end of campus.

    NJ TRANSIT Homepage
    NJ TRANSIT Train Schedules
    Amtrak Homepage

    Driving to and Parking at Princeton

    1. Please visit the Princeton University site for driving directions to campus.

    2. There is a parking lot (Lot 21) on the Princeton University campus reserved for visitors. The lot is located off of Faculty Road past Jadwin Gym. Please visit the parking website for more specific directions.

    If you choose to park there, the University offers a shuttle that can bring you to Robertson Hall. The shuttle you would need to take is the East Line. You can visit the shuttle's website for a time table schedule.

    3. The town of Princeton has a municipal parking garage on Spring Street. The parking rates are located on their website.

    4. There are also meters all along Prospect Street as well as some of the surrounding streets. These meters range in price, as well as time limits for parking. There is a map which explains where the meters are located, and the time periods allowed for parking.

    Staying in Princeton

    Princeton offers a variety of hotel options both in the heart of Princeton and near major roadways. Please click here for a full list of local hotels and inns.

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