Certificate in Health and Health Policy (HHP)

The certificate in Health and Health Policy (HHP) trains graduate students for careers in health policy in the public and not-for-profit sectors. The goal of the HHP program is to give students an understanding of the determinants of health and wellbeing, and the role that public policy plays in shaping the quality of people's lives. The program provides broad training in core topics in health policy as well as more specialized courses. It is designed for students with domestic or international health interests.

Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP)

The certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy is based in WWS. The certificate is offered to WWS graduate students enrolled in the MPP and MPA programs and to doctoral students in other Princeton departments. For doctoral students in other disciplines additional funding support can be obtained through the Princeton Environmental Institute and the Center for Information Technology Policy. Many aspects of science and technology policy debates require tools of political and economic analysis. In addition to providing a systematic introduction to the field of policy analysis, the goal of the STEP program is to develop a deeper understanding of current scientific, technological, and environmental issues and potential local, national and international policy responses. We provide inter-disciplinary training that facilitates communication between technical experts and policymakers. Students may choose to focus their coursework on Energy and Environmental Policy or Information Technology Policy.

Certificate in Urban Policy (UP)

The Woodrow Wilson School offers a certificate in Urban Policy (UP), primarily for our own master’s students, but graduate students from other Princeton departments are eligible to earn the certificate. The policy focus is global, and the coursework is grounded in the interdisciplinary and comparative study of cities and urban problems in both advanced industrialized and developing countries. The UP certificate emphasizes the social, economic and political dimensions of urban problems and is designed to prepare students for careers in urban policy analysis and economic development in national, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, think tanks and international organizations.