Career Development and Alumni Relations

Photo of Amy Craven, Jeffrey Oakman, Barbara Hampton and Emily Sharples

Career Resource Center: 2-C-11 Green Hall
Office Hours: 8:45 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

The Career Development and Alumni Relations office provides career advice and job/internship search assistance to WWS graduate students and graduate alumni.

  • Individual and personalized career guidance
  • Assistance in developing a well-defined sense of a student’s abilities, interests, and motivation
  • Help identifying specific jobs or organizational settings of interest
  • Résumé and cover letter reviews
  • LinkedIn profile and personal statement reviews
  • Interview preparation
  • Professional and career development workshops
  • Specialized training sessions
  • Coordination of recruiting visits
  • Online and print reference materials
  • Career panels of WWS alumni and other professionals


  • The office helps students secure required summer internships, and optional middle-year-out and academic year part-time opportunities. These allow students to apply concepts and theories learned in class to the development of policy in a professional setting.
  • Unpaid summer internships in the public and nonprofit sectors are financially subsidized by WWS.
  • Financial assistance is also provided for part-time internship travel.


  • The team also assists graduating students and alumni in identifying and securing their ideal professional placements.
  • The office maintains communication with prospective employers and alumni for information about job opportunities and seeks new contacts in all areas of public affairs.
  • The School’s generous financial aid policy enables its graduates to pursue jobs of interest without the burden of student debt.
  • Financial assistance is also provided for informational and job interview travel.

Alumni Connections

  • The WWS graduate alumni network is incredibly strong and committed to giving back by providing advice to students, recent graduates, and seasoned alumni pivoting into new policy focus areas.

  • Alumni and current students are encouraged to connect using the TigerNet Alumni Directory by following the tips provided.

  • Profiles can be updated at any time so alumni can share their current contact information, organization name, and job title in real time.

  • Alumni can share postings with current students through WooConnect (a private job/internship site) or reach both students and alumni through the Woos News Career Newsletter.

Scheduling Appointments

To meet with Barbara A. Hampton or Emily C. Sharples, contact:

Amy G. Craven
2-C-11 Green Hall