MPA math camp

The Master in Public Affairs (MPA) program offers rigorous preparation for international and domestic policy careers.

This two-year full-time residential program cultivates among its students and graduates a lasting commitment to public service.

Through the core curriculum and a wide variety of elective courses, students learn analytical skills that address the political, economic, quantitative, behavioral and normative aspects of complex policy problems. The program also promotes understanding of the distinctive historical, institutional and cultural contexts of domestic and international policy making.

The School strives to attract students from the broadest possible socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural and ideological backgrounds. It is also committed to providing the highest quality of professional policy training and to nurturing dynamic careers of public service.

Significant financial-aid resources are dedicated to permitting the majority of WWS students to receive graduate degrees without incurring loan indebtedness, and to launch them into public service careers in the public and nonprofit sectors.