Pt 9 - Summit for Children's Health in New Jersey

Oct 17, 2008


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Pt 9 - SUMMARY & SYNTHESIS: How to Incorporate Best Practices – Audience Participation and Panel Reflections Moderator of Panel: Daniel A. Notterman, MD, FAAP, Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton UniversityPanel Participants: - Mary Sibley, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Services, State of New Jersey - E. Susan Hodgson, NJ Child Advocate - James M. Perrin, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School and Director of the Division of General Pediatrics and the Center for Child & Adolescent Health Policy, Mass General Hospital for Children. - Deborah S. Briggs, Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Advocacy, New Jersey Council of Teaching Hospitals END OF FORUM -- CLOSING REMARKS: Richard F. Keevey, Director, Policy Research Institute for the Region