E.g., 02/21/2020
E.g., 02/21/2020
Jan 30, 2020

Today’s fight for women’s rights has been decades in the making. Feminist movements in the U.S. have lobbied for national progress on a number of issues, including suffrage, reproductive rights, and pay equity.

Jan 23, 2020

Liberty is a value often associated with democracy. Grassroots advocates and organizers have historically mobilized to pressure leaders and bring about change in society. But these efforts haven’t always been successful. With this in mind, what does it take for liberty to emerge?

Jan 21, 2020

Racial bias and policing made headlines last year after a study examining records of fatal police shootings claimed white officers were no more likely to shoot racial minorities than nonwhite officers. There was one problem: The study was based on a logical fallacy.

Jan 15, 2020

Younger siblings may indeed look up to their older kin — to the point that it influences where they go to college.

Jan 14, 2020

Ronald Reagan is often regarded as a champion of modern American conservatism, but the former president didn’t always hold these political beliefs. Reagan actually grew up in a New Deal family and voiced his support for the Democratic Party well into the 1950s. So how did he come to be such a prominent figure in the Republican Party?

Jan 9, 2020

Concerns about the state of Congress have sparked a number of reform efforts. Among these was the creation of a new Congressional committee: the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.

Jan 9, 2020

Youth-led movements are sweeping the country. Over the past few years, young people have sparked movements to combat issues ranging from gun violence to climate change. These activists have organized protests, occupied state capitol buildings, and encouraged voter registration.