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Artwork by Prisoners

Feb 24, 2014 (All day) to Apr 3, 2014 (All day)
Robertson Hall
Bernstein Gallery
Open to the Public

This is a show of political artwork by prisoners with a focus on the abuse of solitary confinement in US prisons. Much of the work is by Ojore Lutalo, once a member of the Black Liberation Army, who was incarcerated in the Trenton State Prison from 1986 though 2009. Lutalo was in the management control unit (solitary confinement) for 22 of the 28 years and kept his sanity by a strict regime of exercise in his tiny cell, writing, meditating and tearing up newspapers to make collages that portrayed his prison conditions. He developed a correspondence with Bonnie Kerness from American Friends Service Committee Prison Watch, who has since become the number one advocate against the abuse of prisoners, especially those kept in solitary confinement.