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CSDP Seminar: Introductions, continued

Sep 22, 2016 12:00PM to 01:20PM
Wallace Hall


Restricted to Princeton graduate students, faculty, and fellows

Including brief introductions by 2016-2017 CSDP fellows:

-Devin Caughey  Research focus:  dynamic relationships between public opinion, electoral outcomes, and policymaking in the American states over the past century; Assistant Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

-John Holbein  Research focus:  role that psychosocial skills play in determining whether citizens vote; PhD public policy, Duke University 2016

-Pia Raffler  Research focus:  how theories on democratic political accountability travel to settings where many of their core assumptions are not met; PhD Candidate, Yale University (expected 2016); CSDP and Niehaus fellow

-Sally Nuamah  Research focus: political consequences of school closure for racial attitudes and democratic politics and the normative implications of the school closure policy's impacts; 2016-17 Values and Public Policy Postdoctoral Research Associate, PhD Northwestern University 2016