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LAPA Law in the Public Service Dinner: The American Criminal Injustice System In an Age of Mass Human Caging

Apr 6, 2016 06:00PM to 08:00PM


Restricted to WWS
Alec Karakatsanis, Co-Founder, Equal Justice Under Law

A basic principle of our legal system is that no human being should be put in a jail cell solely because s/he cannot make a payment.  Every night in America, there are 500,000 human beings in jail cells solely because they cannot pay money bail.  There are tens of thousands more people in jail because they cannot pay their court debts.  As a society, we have lost sense of the everyday brutality inherent in this system.  Come hear about how we can use civil rights laws to challenge these and other systemic injustices in our criminal legal system and contribute to a growing movement to re-sensitize our legal system and our society to the trauma that they inflict.


This event is open to graduate students interested in examining the role of law in public policy development and implementation. Each dinner offers the opportunity to engage a noted expert in an off-the-record conversation about a current issue challenging policy makers.


Contact Judi Rivkin, jrivkin@princeton.edu to be included, or to see if space is available.