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Politics Graduate Student Research Poster Session

Jan 12, 2016 12:00PM to 02:00PM
Wallace Hall


Restricted to Princeton University

Sponsored by the Department of Politics, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP), and Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS)

Quinn M. Albaugh and Harris Doshay: “The Better Angels of Our Nature” Reconsidered: A Finite Mixture Modelling Approach for Dual-Process Theories of Anti-Immigrant
Political Behavior

Meir Alkon and Erik H. Wang: Pollution and Regime Support: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Beijing

Clark Bernier:  Performance and Structure of Hierarchy in Organizations

John M. Chambers and Karis Yi: Leaders in Political Rhetoric: Media vs. Government

Munji Choi and Alexandra Mayorga: When do we want revenge?

Denis Cohen and Naoki Egami: Heterogeneity in Coalition-Directed Voting. How Extreme Voters Shape the Vote Calculus in Multiparty Democracies

Rebecca Johnson: Monetizing Disability: Do State-level Fiscal Incentives Shape Child Placement into Special Education?

Korhan Kocak, Daniel Tavana, Killian Clarke: Mechanisms of Diffusion in the Arab Spring

Asya Magazinnik and Sepehr Shahshahani: Strategic Abstention, Missing Data, and Ideal Point Estimation

Rachael McLellan and Sondre U. Solstad:  The Politics of Ethnic Inequality: The Long-Term Impacts of Artificial Borders and Initial Soil Inequality

Andrew Proctor and Tanika Raychaudhuri: Post-Racial America: Support for Racial Policies and the Absence
of Group Specific Theories?

Patrick Signoret and Cassandra Emmons: Crime Victimization, Political Participation, and Political Attitudes

Diana Stanescu and Audrye Wong: Chinese Aid and Civil Conflict in Africa

Hannah Waight: Informal Finance and Kinship Networks in Rural China