Courses & Electives

Courses and Electives

WWS concentrators must complete a core curriculum consisting of required and elective courses in a variety of fields such as Microeconomics, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Science Policy and Ethics. A list of specific courses to meet these requirements is available upon enrollment in Princeton. 

Core Course Requirements

Prior to graduation, WWS students must complete the core course requirements listed below. All courses used to meet these requirements must be taken at Princeton on a graded basis (no Pass/D/Fail).  Exception students are allowed to P/D/F Core Courses taken Spring 2020

  • One Course in Microeconomics
    • WWS 300 Microeconomics for Public Policy
    • ECO 300 Microeconomic Theory
    • ECO 310 Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
  • One Course in Politics
    • POL 220/WWS 310 American Politics
    • POL 230/WWS 325 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • POL 240/WWS 312 International Relations
    • POL 351/WWS 311 Politics in Developing Countries
  • One Course in Sociology or Psychology
    • WWS 345/AAS 384/PSY 384 Prejudice: Its Causes, Consequences, and Cures
    • WWS 330 Population and Public Policy
    • WWS 333/SOC326 Law, Institutions & Public Policy
    • WWS 331/SOC/AAS Race and Public Policy
    • WWS 340/PSY 321 The Psychology of Decision Making and Judgment
    • WWS 344/PSY 312 Psychology of Social Influence
  • One Course in Science Policy
    • WWS 350 The Environment: Science and Public Policy
    • WWS 351/COS/SOC Information Technology and Public Policy
    • WWS 353/MAE 353 Science and Global Security
    • WWS 354 Modern Genetics & Public Policy
    • GEO 366/WWS 451 Climate Change: Scientific Basis, Policy Implications
    • CEE 334/WWS 452 Global Environmental Issues
    • ENV 304/WWS 455 Disease, Ecology, Economics and Policy
  • One Course in Ethics
    • WWS 370/POL 308 Ethics and Public Policy
    • CHV 310/PHI 385 Practical Ethics
    • PHI 307/CHV 311 Systematic Ethics
    • PHI 309/CHV 309 Political Philosophy
    • PHI 319/CHV 319 Normative Ethics
    • POL 307 The Just Society
    • POL 313 Global Justice
    • REL 261/CHV 261 Christian Ethics and Modern Society

Elective Courses

Each student must complete four electives on a graded basis from a list issued by WWS.

Pay close attention to the title of the course you plan on registering for and make sure it matches the title on the electives list. For some topics courses the course number may stay the same but the title and content may change; such courses would not fulfill an elective requirement.

No more than three electives can be courses listed or cross-listed by the same department. Courses used by students to meet prerequisites or core requirements will not count against this limit. Methodology courses that are on the electives list and all WWS courses also will be exempt - meaning that you can take more than three WWS courses as electives. However, cross-listings on WWS courses such as WWS 315/POL 393, or WWS 466/HIS 467 will count toward the limit for the other departments.

Up to three elective courses can be taken in WWS semester-long study abroad programs. Electives taken at Princeton must be taken on a graded basis (no Pass/D/Fail). Exception students are allowed to P/D/F electives taken Spring 2020. Summer courses may not be used as electives.

Spring 2020 Course Offerings