Field Experience

Field Experience - students at Cape Town

Prior to the second semester of the senior year, each student must have completed an approved cross-cultural or field experience. The requirement may be satisfied in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • semester study abroad
  • summer study abroad
  • summer language study abroad
  • policy-relevant summer jobs abroad
  • ROTC training
  • senior thesis research in the field
  • extended service in an underserved community
  • internship involving public policy work in a nonprofit, government, or international agency such as the U.N., the World Bank, the U.S. Congress, or a state or federal agency.

Summer study, language study or thesis research must be done for at least four weeks to qualify as a cross-cultural or field experience (note that to meet the WWS language requirement, eight weeks of summer study is required).

Internships, jobs or community service must be for at least six consecutive weeks, or 240 hours.

Cross-cultural or field experience gained during the freshmen or sophomore year may count toward this requirement. To meet this requirement, all past or proposed work must be approved by the Undergraduate Program Office.