Policy Task Forces

Policy Task Forces

As part of the junior independent work requirement, all students must complete one Policy Task Force during their junior year. The task force represents the most distinctive feature of the School’s undergraduate program and is different from a course, seminar or independent work in other departments.

Each Task Force provides students with experience in a range of activities that develop different skills:

  • academic research
  • interviewing and field research
  • oral presentation before a group
  • effective participation in collective discussion and deliberation
  • continuing education in group dynamics

Each part of the Task Force addresses unfinished questions of public policy, often characterized by rapidly changing circumstances.

Topics for Spring 2020 include

  • Mainstreaming Climate/Environment in Asia.
  • Leadership in Protracted Conflicts.
  • Democracy and Governance in Developing Countries.
  • Ensuring Educational Equity in K-12 Classrooms.
  • Improves Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters: Addressing the Needs of Crisis-Affected Communities and Countries.
  • Urban Homelessness: Policies, Politics and Values.
  • Fixing the Healthcare System: Is There an Ideal Model?

Task force work is often modeled on the way research is done by government staff. The group as a whole is charged with tackling a policy issue, while each research paper takes on one aspect of the larger problem.

Because each student's effort has implications for other Task Force members, students must collaborate. After completing their own research, students have the additional task of persuading their colleagues of the soundness of their conclusions.

In the later stages of a Task Force, members debate proposed recommendations. They combine information from their individual research, guest speakers, field visits and group discussions to arrive at a set of recommendations on the policy problem. Students must go beyond dealing with what "is" in a given policy area, to ask what "should be."

The group effort culminates in a final report that may be distributed or presented to public officials, area specialists and others in the public and private sector.