In order to major in the Woodrow Wilson School, students must take certain prerequisite courses during their freshman and sophomore years. Students must complete one course in statistics, one in introductory microeconomics, one in history and one in politics, sociology or psychology. A list of specific courses to meet these requirements for your particular class year will be available upon enrollment at Princeton

The prerequisites for majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School are as follows:

1. A course in Statistics
2. A course in Introductory Microeconomics
3. A course in History
4. A course in Politics, Sociology or Psychology

Prerequisites must be completed prior to the beginning of the fall term of the junior year. All courses taken to meet these prerequisites must be taken on a graded basis (no pass/D/fail option). Exception students are allowed to P/D/F prerequisites taken Spring 2020 .  AP courses or Freshman Seminars may not be used to fulfill prerequisites. One course cannot be used to fulfill more than one prerequisite. 

Beginning with the Class 2022 students must receive a grade of C or higher in all courses used to meet the prerequisites. During this transition period from the Class 2021 (C-) grade to Class 2022 (C) grade requirement, the Undergraduate Program will allow the following: Members of the Class of 2022, who took a WWS prerequisite course in either the fall or spring semester of their freshman year (AY 2018-19) and received a grade of C- minus, will be allowed to major in the Woodrow Wilson School (provided they have fulfilled all of the other prerequisites for the major).

This policy will not apply to members of the Class of 2022 who have not yet taken a given prerequisite course by the end of their freshman year (AY 2018-19) and intend to do so in their sophomore year (AY 2019-20). Students will be required to get a grade of C or higher in all courses they take in their sophomore year in order to be admitted to the major.

All members of the Class of 2023 will be required to receive a C or above in all of their prerequisites.

Prerequisites can be satisfied by the following courses:

One Statistics course:

  • WWS 200 Statistics for Social Science
  • ECO 302 Econometrics
  • ECO 312 Econometrics: A Mathematical Approach
  • POL 345 Introduction to Quantitative Social Science
  • POL 346 Applied Quantitative Analysis

AP Statistics will not be sufficient to fulfill this prerequisite.

One Microeconomics course:

  • ECO 100  Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ECO 300  Microeconomic Theory
  • ECO 310  Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
  • WWS 300 Microeconomics for Public Policy

AP Microeconomics will not be sufficient to fulfill this prerequisite.
One History course at any level (designated HIS):

  • A cross-listed course with an HIS designation may also be used.
  • Courses in the HA distribution area do not qualify unless they are designated HIS. For example, courses in NES or SOC that are in the HA distribution area do not fulfill this requirement unless they are cross-listed with HIS.

One Politics, Sociology or Psychology course at any level (designated POL, SOC, or PSY):

  • Cross-listed courses with these designations also can be used. A course taken to meet the statistics requirement cannot be used to meet this requirement.

A summer course or a course taken abroad can be used to meet a WWS prerequisite if the course is certified by the relevant department as equivalent to one of the courses offered at Princeton that would meet the prerequisite and the course is approved for Princeton credit. Any such course taken to meet the statistics prerequisite must also be approved by the WWS Undergraduate Program Office (approval is granted only for special cases).

A course taken at Princeton and used as a prerequisite can also be used to meet either a WWS core requirement (if it is on the list of core requirements) or as a WWS elective (if it is on the electives list).